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About myself

I was born in 1965. I attended Hadaf High School in Tehran and later received a Mathematics Diploma. Subsequently, I attended and graduated from Esfahan University with a degree in Physics. Despite my academic science background I was interested in art from an early age starting out with small designs and sketches.  In my early days, I studied and practised different styles of paintings without having any tutorship. I became very interested in historical Persian art of "Minator" Later, I started my apprenticeship under the mentorship of Mr. Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri and Master Takestani, and worked at the art workshop of Mohammad Ali Zolghadr for 6 years. As I developed my own unique style of painting I then decided to have my own workshop / gallery. Over the last 15 years, I have fine tuned my own style while remaining true to the concept of "Miniatour" paintings. Over the past few years I have decided to teach my style of paintings and have had several students from Tehran Art colleges attending my workshop. I am proud that a few of these students are now artists in their own right. In general, I am very interested in sketching. Although the paintings posted on this website represent traditional Iranian painting style, I am very eager to sketch with pen and ink. I have special interest in the paintings of Soltan Mohammad and Mirza Agha Emami and those of Western painters, such as Toulouse Lautrec. Although I admire the present style of Iranian traditional painting, I have eagerly explored alternative styles. My views on this subject have led me to distance myself from these traditional styles while remaining true to threir concept. The digital and Negargari sections are totally my own design. The other sections are my interpretation of some old masters.